Services are billed on a hourly basis, $25 to $28 per hour. I require a minimum of 4 hours of booking time.

All areas of the East Bay Area in California .

Please see “services “ page.

A concierge is an experienced professional that assists clients in which they serve. I am privately insured and have been assisting clients for over 8 years plus.

All of the services that are offered are provided on an individual basis by appointment only. Also there will be no long-term commitments available at this time.

No.I just have a lot of experience working as a home health aide.

Services are by appointment only.



Yes, the only reports that are available are the work I have done during the appointment.

At this time, transportation services are not provided.

Currently, I am based in the East Bay Area in Northern California. I am not interested in expanding at this time. There are other senior agencies that can assist with whatever services you may need.