About Me

Who We Are !

Who I am and my passions were from the influence of my mother, Jerrica. She had started the first job as a caregiver assisting seniors for many years period from watching her do her job, I was easily influenced by her passion work ethic. By the time I was 19, I started my first job as a caregiver where she was employed. That was an honor to serve as a caregiver in the agency where she assisted seniors

After a year or two went by, I started researching the nursing ladder, I wanted to expand more horizons and wanted more for myself professionally. I found out that I can get a certified nursing assistant license and work in different work settings.

After I received my CNA license, I wanted to know more period from there I went on to receive a home health aide license and a restorative nurse aide certificate. I felt I was All in all around  good caregiver, assisting people from all walks of life.

From working in the caregiving field to working in a skilled nursing facility to working in homes as a home health aide, I felt it is time for me to achieve more. I want to ultimately become a registered nurse.If I do not get admitted to a Registered  Nurse program, I will fall back into the Licensed Vocational Nurse program.

Lastly, the inspiration for me, starting “ Jen Does Care” is offering services to seniors whom need assistance and steeping back on my career to focus on my future goal of becoming a Registered Nurse. Whatever I put my head into, I finish it with pride and joy.